Tuesday, July 20, 2010

About the project making process

I always thought that the hardest thing to do in such a thing as photography series/project is to come up with the idea, but now I know that it is just a third of a way you need to go by. I have understood on practice that updating and processing, and editing through updating and processing is the rest of the way, and maybe the most important its part.
Expressing yourself is very difficult, and I guess it is even more difficult when it depends on a kind of technique things that you just need to learn to work with in addition to reach your goal/make your vision real.
Also the project helped me to realize how it feels to arrange a photosession. I faced a lot of difficulties, and the biggest one was human-factor; people get late - it is normal, people have an opinion even on things they do not have to think about (I mean my work and my project) - it is normal, people want to look beautifully on pictures - it is also normal, people have different tastes and opinions on what is beautiful - it is normal, again. So, you must work and consider lightening, make-up, clothes, detailes, camera settings and mood of people you are shooting.
But there were a lot of good and not stressful things also; it was fun, because I was doing something that interests me a lot, and also because my friends were with me; I have learned a lot of technique things in my camera; and I met a lot of interesting creative people (from the chemistry gallery).
I really enjoyed the time I spent on doing my project that I named "Mosaics".

Project: Mosaics

Mosaics of different personalities, different colors, different expressions/emotions, different detailes... mosaics of my friends.

Thank to The Chemistry Gallery for cooperation.
Thank to our digital photography teacher, George Allen, for all the experience he shared with us. 

Ouka Leele

I read a small article and a kind of review of Ouka Leele's photographs.
Her exhibition that we visited last week, in my opinion, contains photographs that are beyound of just photographing things and people, it is something between paintings and photographs. She tries to stage scenes from old paintings, and at the same time to show people as they are.
I had very strange emotions after seeing her exhibition in Prague; so, I had a look on her works that we have not seen. And I find a lot of them very interesting, I like some details that are really eye-catching. On the other hand, I do not like her nude pictures. Also some of her works seemed to me kind of too staged; I had feeling that people should look more into the picture than 'pretending' to be there and creating an atmosphere.
Also Ouka Leele makes very creative combination of painting style details and a photograph; it looks out of reality, but still has a certain idea.

Composition Assignment

Rule of thirds


Leading lines
Point of view

Friday, July 16, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm waiting for a respond from my friend's friend whether I can shoot in a studio this week or not (hopefully, I'll get the answer on thursday), but still made some self-portraits at home. Just had a couple of free hours.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shooting upd

Also here are some pictures with anaglyph-effect applied; still look very dark. 
Hpefully, I'll find the way how to make them look nicer.